Monique, Award Winning Journalist

09 January 2020

So what is is? Well the best way I can describe it is it is like dry shampoo for your clothes. It is the world's first dry wash spray. After receiving a bottle of both the normal and jean spray I gave it a test drive and am pleasantly surprized at how it has revived my clothes almost instantly! It’s like doing laundry – just not the way we are used to. It not only freshens up clothes and lifts deep odours but it also soften fabric fibres and ‘irons’ out wrinkles. Day2’s spray has little wonders that stiffen fabrics and keep your clothes looking freshly pressed – meaning no more wrinkles! A lovely massage for tense yarns and fibres, relaxing them back into a washed state by forming a soft, lubricating layer across the surface. You’re welcome! 

Monique is a Durban based Lifestyle & parenting blogger, Digital Marketing Specialist, Award winning Journalist and the co founder of @instamamameet. She is a busy lady and the best person for our revolutionary dry wash spray.